Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why Do Cats Meow?

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Cats Meow since they are attempting to say something to you. It might be they are hungry, sick or need attention. Only you had better all of the time be cognizant and determine what sort of body language your cat is displaying. Cats also meow if they're frightened, angry, or need you to pull back. He/she might only desire to go outdoors. A loud meow can generally be interpreted as I'm hungry or I want a treat. Maybe your cat just wants to go outside. Again your cat's body language and wherever she's standing will substantiate the need. A cat in heat will meow constantly to promote her accessibility to male cats. In a few cats this may grow into sustained howling at all hrs., around-the-clock. Aggressive or defensive cries might mean your cat is afraid or furious. If a cat normally meows but becomes unusually quiet or if an abnormal pattern of meowing it may mean your cat is sick. Again watch for your cat not eating or drinking.

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