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Cleaning up dog urine stains and smells

Do not use ammonia on dog urine it will make it worse. Do not use bleach it will create bad fumes.

First thing to do:

If the surface area is urine soaked you had better first try to soak up the dog urine. Allowing it  to dry will just promote bacterial increase which will increase the odor.
The most effective technique is to lay several sheets of paper towels across the soaked surface area and step upon it in order to absorb a great deal of the dog urine as you potentially may. You might have to do this numerous times till no additional dog urine can be absorbed.
Occasionally dog urine mishaps have already dried out since you didn't discover it earlier. You will be able to discover dried out urine stains upon your carpeting with the help of a black light which are not expensive. The dog urine spots will glow below the ultraviolet illumination in a non lighted room. Naturally, you will be able to save money by not buying a black light. Detect the urine stains by employing the use of your nose. Simply get low on your carpeting and whiff away and detect the unsavory urine scents.
Second thing to do:
Combine a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. You must apply a good size quantity of this solution to get through to the carpeting fibers deep down. Work the solution into the carpeting with a gentle brushing to guarantee it sinks into the carpeting fibers well.  And then daub the surface area applying the paper towel process above to soak up the vinegar mixture. The vinegar will counteract the ammonia in the dog urine. If you have a wet/dry vacuum suction machine employ that to get rid of surplus wetness.
Third thing to do: 
Once the surface area has dried out or just about dried out scatter a effective fistful of bicarbonate of soda across the unclean surface area.  Combine one-half cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoonful of liquid detergent. Plain liquid detergent is needed. Don't apply caustic dishwashing detergent. Precaution: don't apply hydrogen peroxide that is higher in concentration than 3 Percent. Whitening out might happen with a few carpets using a stronger solution. A little patch try out in a less conspicuous surface area is well-advised prior to continuing.
Study the label with kid gloves. The label will tell the potency.

Fourth thing to do:
Slow and carefully pour out the hydrogen peroxide and dishwasher detergent concoction over the bicarbonate of soda. Instead you'll be able to apply a sprayer bottle of the hydrogen peroxide and diswasher detergent solution. And then work the bicarbonate of soda and hydrogen peroxide concoction substantially into the carpeting with a soft brush or your fingers using a latex or rubberized glove over your hand.

Let the surface area dry out entirely. When the surface area is extremely dried out, vacuum-clean up the bicarbonate of soda. Using a fan or heater might quicken the drying process. Utilize a strong bristled brush to loosen up any remaining bicarbonate of soda to be removed.



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Show How Much You Love Your Dogs By Buying The Right Large Dog Beds Or Designer Beds

Article Submitted by: Tim Newton

 Monday, 15 August 2011

Pets have to have a spot to lay down. Even though they like to run around and play a great deal, they cannot do it forever. Periodically your pet dog has to lie down. While they can lay down on a cement ground, it isn't really the most comfy place.
Buying designer dog beds for your canines in the home is a far better solution. First of all, pets won't be using the couch or bed as a spot to lie down. Guests will not have to kick your pet off the couch if you have a dog bed available. Also, having a good-looking dog bed means it'll go along with the decor in the house. These good-looking dog beds show that pet owners love the dogs while making the home look good simultaneously.
With regards to getting a dog bed for man's best friend, there are a number of beds to select from. Some might want to go with a normal bed from a discount store. That's fine, but the appearance and feel might not be quite right for the remainder of the house. It could look out of place, and the cheap dog bed may look ugly as well.
This is why some decide to get designer dog beds instead. For most, it's important to have a dog bed that actually shows family members and house guests that the dogs are a significant part of the family with an appropriate look and design. You'll want to make certain that the fabric and material are able to keep the dog comfortable. The pad should not cause discomfort for the dog's skin. The looks should complement what's already in the home. That is why many are selecting to get a better dog bed.
There are many places to purchase designer dog beds. Interestingly, the chain pet store or discount stores are most likely not the best places to get them. Those types of stores usually purchase them from cheap mass manufacturers that use cheap materials that the dog may not like. In addition, the product itself might not stand the test of time. Remember, dogs can be very rough with anything they're handling.
Pet boutique stores and websites are probably better places to go for quality dog beds. However the consumer is going to pay a little bit more, the quality and material will likely be a lot better. It's almost certain that the dog will spot the difference. And best of all, they are going to last longer than the stuff bought at discounters.
It's very tempting to get a dog bed during the puppy's very first day, but avoid that. Like many other household pets, young dogs will grow significantly during the first year. If the dog bed is bought too early, it won't be usable for over a couple of weeks or months at the very most.
The best time to shop for designer dog beds, or large dog beds, is after the puppy has grown up to become an adult dog. That's usually following the dog's first birthday. After that time, the dog probably will not change too much in size. This is the time to buy a great dog bed that will be a great place for him to lie down for many years.
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It's often said that dogs are man's best friend, so why don't you treat your pets to designer dog beds? Make sure your big dogs have a comfortable place to lay down, large dog beds will help them be more comfortable.

Cat fleas and ticks- the perfect cure

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Monday, 04 February 2013

Treating cat fleas is a challenge and now since these little monsters infect your pet, you need to take the right step to combat the situation. There are various websites, which will give you information about doing certain things to kill cat fleas but you must also search for certain things that are to be avoided in choosing the right flea treatment.
Some information for choosing the perfect cat flea and tick control Look for these dangerous ingredients in the flea and tick control products
As per a report published by the Humane Society of the United States, it has been seen that flea control products, which has pyrethroid, has caused poisonous reaction in pets. Most such products for tick control for cats are available over the counter and such products must be avoided at all cost.
More over fleas and ticks develop a resistance to such products over a period and it is the poor cat who suffers from the pain and agony.
Don't interchange pet's products
Your cat and dog may be friendly with each other but it is not a wise idea to interchange their products. Do not use a product meant for dogs on your cat. Products that have written tick control for cats on their cover, have a complete different formulation than those, which target killing fleas on dogs.
Lavender oil and citrus oil is good for the dog but not for the cat
Thinking of some natural ways to kick off fleas and ticks in cat? Do not use the above two mentioned oils as cats are very allergic to these substances. Cats do not like the fragrance of such oils and they will be very irritated, may even quit food due to irritation. Do not use any natural remedies for cats unless it is recommended by the vet.
How to get rid of fleas and ticks from cat? Let's find out
Tips for killing fleas and ticks

Wash the cat
Wash the cat with an herbal shampoo and give it bath properly. For the first time, take suggestion from the vet.
Comb the cat
After giving cat bath comb it with a proper comb so that the remaining fleas and ticks are removed from its fur/skin.
Clean all surroundings
Apart from cleaning the cat, make sure that you follow the proper flea eradication method to get rid cat fleas.So when you dote flea control for cats make sure that remember these points to make sure that your is completely free from fleas and ticks.

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It is mostly found that people across the globe prefer flea meds for cats to kill fleas and ticks.
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Some Queries Related To Dog Fleas

Some Queries Related To Dog Fleas

Article Submitted by: Paul Ryan

Wednesday, 16 January 2013
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Dog fleas and ticks are very common in pets and they feed on the blood of the animal. Most pet lovers do not know many facts about fleas and ticks and this is one reason why their pets suffer from these dangerous pests. There are various facts, which have been discussed here.
Some facts about dog fleas and tips for flea treatment
If you are wondering how to locate dog fleas then you can try out this simple method. Move your hand all over the body of your pet and gently part its fur while doing so. You will feel some dirt like things on your palm; they will look like dirt or dried blood. You can put them over a wet white piece of cotton cloth and you will observe this dirt to turn red. This is a clear indication that fleas and ticks are on your pet's body.
Dog fleas are more prevalent in areas, which is hot and humid. They live in these areas and if you are taking your pet to a visit to such places then it is better to carry a flea control with you as well. Any kind of medication used for flea control must be always used by the recommendation of a vet. Some medications are not to be used on cats while there are some, which must not be used on pets younger than 8 weeks.
Ticks and dog fleas' repellent products must be from a well-known brand as these products ensure that the safety of cats and dogs are taken into consideration. Some cheap products do not treat fleas and ticks properly and cause serious side effects to pets.
An effective step for flea control is to groom your pets thrice a week. This will ensure that in case there are fleas and ticks they will be combed out. Once the fleas are combed out, they must be placed in a jar of hot soapy water or alcohol. After the fleas and ticks are removed, apply some disinfectant on the body of the pet.
The pet must be given bath at least twice a week to keep fleas and ticks away. After giving the pet bath, it must be combed so that dead fleas are easily removed from their body.
If the pet is showing some unusual signs like not having food or showing an irritation in their behaviors, then the pet must be examined for the presence of dog fleas and ticks.These were some tips and facts related to fleas and ticks, every pet owner must know these facts.

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It is mostly found that people across the globe prefer Dogs flea control to kill fleas and ticks.
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