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Some Queries Related To Dog Fleas

Some Queries Related To Dog Fleas

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013
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Dog fleas and ticks are very common in pets and they feed on the blood of the animal. Most pet lovers do not know many facts about fleas and ticks and this is one reason why their pets suffer from these dangerous pests. There are various facts, which have been discussed here.
Some facts about dog fleas and tips for flea treatment
If you are wondering how to locate dog fleas then you can try out this simple method. Move your hand all over the body of your pet and gently part its fur while doing so. You will feel some dirt like things on your palm; they will look like dirt or dried blood. You can put them over a wet white piece of cotton cloth and you will observe this dirt to turn red. This is a clear indication that fleas and ticks are on your pet's body.
Dog fleas are more prevalent in areas, which is hot and humid. They live in these areas and if you are taking your pet to a visit to such places then it is better to carry a flea control with you as well. Any kind of medication used for flea control must be always used by the recommendation of a vet. Some medications are not to be used on cats while there are some, which must not be used on pets younger than 8 weeks.
Ticks and dog fleas' repellent products must be from a well-known brand as these products ensure that the safety of cats and dogs are taken into consideration. Some cheap products do not treat fleas and ticks properly and cause serious side effects to pets.
An effective step for flea control is to groom your pets thrice a week. This will ensure that in case there are fleas and ticks they will be combed out. Once the fleas are combed out, they must be placed in a jar of hot soapy water or alcohol. After the fleas and ticks are removed, apply some disinfectant on the body of the pet.
The pet must be given bath at least twice a week to keep fleas and ticks away. After giving the pet bath, it must be combed so that dead fleas are easily removed from their body.
If the pet is showing some unusual signs like not having food or showing an irritation in their behaviors, then the pet must be examined for the presence of dog fleas and ticks.These were some tips and facts related to fleas and ticks, every pet owner must know these facts.

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