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Cat fleas and ticks- the perfect cure

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Monday, 04 February 2013

Treating cat fleas is a challenge and now since these little monsters infect your pet, you need to take the right step to combat the situation. There are various websites, which will give you information about doing certain things to kill cat fleas but you must also search for certain things that are to be avoided in choosing the right flea treatment.
Some information for choosing the perfect cat flea and tick control Look for these dangerous ingredients in the flea and tick control products
As per a report published by the Humane Society of the United States, it has been seen that flea control products, which has pyrethroid, has caused poisonous reaction in pets. Most such products for tick control for cats are available over the counter and such products must be avoided at all cost.
More over fleas and ticks develop a resistance to such products over a period and it is the poor cat who suffers from the pain and agony.
Don't interchange pet's products
Your cat and dog may be friendly with each other but it is not a wise idea to interchange their products. Do not use a product meant for dogs on your cat. Products that have written tick control for cats on their cover, have a complete different formulation than those, which target killing fleas on dogs.
Lavender oil and citrus oil is good for the dog but not for the cat
Thinking of some natural ways to kick off fleas and ticks in cat? Do not use the above two mentioned oils as cats are very allergic to these substances. Cats do not like the fragrance of such oils and they will be very irritated, may even quit food due to irritation. Do not use any natural remedies for cats unless it is recommended by the vet.
How to get rid of fleas and ticks from cat? Let's find out
Tips for killing fleas and ticks

Wash the cat
Wash the cat with an herbal shampoo and give it bath properly. For the first time, take suggestion from the vet.
Comb the cat
After giving cat bath comb it with a proper comb so that the remaining fleas and ticks are removed from its fur/skin.
Clean all surroundings
Apart from cleaning the cat, make sure that you follow the proper flea eradication method to get rid cat fleas.So when you dote flea control for cats make sure that remember these points to make sure that your is completely free from fleas and ticks.

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